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affordable trenchless sewer repair services in El Mirage near Phoenix, AZ.


Looking for a faster, less invasive option for restoring your sewer system? Our trenchless sewer line technology allows us to repair or replace sewer lines with minimal disruption to your property, saving you time, money, and hassle.


Trust our skilled plumbers to get the job done right the first time while you enjoy peace of mind knowing your sewer system is restored to optimal condition without the mess of traditional methods.


Trenchless sewer replacement works by installing a new pipe by pulling it through the existing pipe using a cable and specialized head. This process eliminates the need for extensive digging and disruption to the surrounding area, making it a more efficient and less invasive method of sewer line replacement. The process requires use of specialized plumbing equipment and expert training.


• Access Points - First, we create two access points at either end of the section of sewer line that needs replacement.

• Cable Installation - A cable is fed through one access point and guided to the other. This cable will serve as a pathway for the new pipe.

• Pipe Attachment - The cable is connected to a specialized head, which in turn is attached to the new pipe. This head is designed to break apart the old pipe and guide the new pipe into place.

• Hydraulic Pulling - Using a hydraulic machine, we pull the cable from one access point to the other. As the cable is pulled, the head breaks up the old pipe and simultaneously lays the new pipe in its place.

trenchless sewer replacement in Phoenix.


trenchless sewer plumber in Glendale, AZ.

Trenchless sewer repair involves refurbishing the existing sewer line without the need for digging up and replacing the entire pipe. It's a cost-effective and efficient way to address sewer line issues while minimizing disruption to the surrounding area. The process requires the use of specialized plumbing equipment and expert training.


Preparation - First, we find one access point to the existing sewer line.

• Cleaning - We clean the inside of the existing sewer pipe thoroughly, making it smooth and clear of any debris or obstructions.

• Lining Material Preparation - Next, we prepare a special material, similar to a flat fabric, and saturate it with a two-part resin.

• Insertion - This saturated material is inserted into the cleaned pipe and pushed through using air pressure, essentially turning the old pipe into a mold for the new one.

Calibration - A tube is inserted along with the lining material and inflated to ensure the new lining material conforms perfectly to the shape of the old pipe. This is crucial for a proper seal.

• Curing - Once in place, the resin cures and hardens, forming a durable, seamless liner within the existing pipe. This process essentially creates a new pipe within the old one.

• Completion - After the resin has fully cured, the calibration tube is removed, leaving behind a smooth, structurally sound new sewer line. This new line comes with a transferable 20-year warranty, providing peace of mind for the property owner.

Read more trenchless sewer line frequently asked questions...

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Here at Rescue Plumbing and Rooter, we pride ourselves on quality plumbing services at an affordable price. Whether you have a leaky faucet, a clogged drain, or a full-scale plumbing emergency, we’re dedicated to reliable service that exceeds your expectations.


Choose us with confidence. As a small, family-owned, and operated business, we take pride in our commitment to excellence. We guarantee that your job will be done right the first time with the highest quality of workmanship and our decades of plumbing experience to back it, all at a rate that won't break the bank.

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trenchless sewer repair Phoenix.
  • Is trenchless sewer repair worth it?
    In a nutshell, yes. Trecnhless sewer repairs allow a broken or compromised sewer line to be replaced or repaired without damaging your landscape. An experienced plumber, like Rescue Plumbing and Rooter can even repair or replace a damaged sewer line underneath your home without causing construction inside home. When it comes to the choice between demolishing your living room or weeks of construction in your kid’s bedroom just to get to the sewer line that runs underground below it, trenchless sewer repair is a no-brainer.
  • How much does it cost to replace a sewer line in Phoenix?
    Rescue Plumbing and Rooter has options starting as low as $59/month for trenchless sewer line replacement.
  • How deep are sewer lines buried in Arizona?
    Sewer line depth can vary from city to city, as well as neighborhood to neighborhood, depending on location. Variances can be anywhere from 6 inches to 10 feet deep in a residential area. The only reason sewer line depth becomes a factor is because your plumber may need to rent additional excavation equipment, depending on the depth.
  • What is the life expectancy of pipe lining?
    Rescue Plumbing and Rooter offers a complimentary 20 year transferable warranty for all sewer lining and sewer replacements jobs. This means if you sell your home, the warranty goes with it to the new homeowner. The manufacturer life expectancy of sewage lines in Arizona is 30 - 50 years.
  • Does home owners insurance cover sewer line replacements?
    We know everyone hates to hear this answer, but it’s a case by case basis. Don’t worry though, Rescue Plumbing and Rooter will work with your home insurance company to get as much covered as possible.
  • How long do PVC pipes last underground?
    A properly installed ABS or PVC sewer line should last 30 to 50 years in Phoenix, AZ.


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